Monday, January 21, 2008

Coming To America Strikes Again

A day usually does not pass in my life without at least one Coming to America reference popping up in regular conversation. Whether it be me running my finger along the brim of Blagg’s fedora and saying “This is beautiful! What is that, velvet?”, or, more often, feeling myself bombing at one of my afternoon meetings and quickly segueing with “And while you’re all in the clapping mood…”, the movie has truly wormed its way into my everyday lexicon.

Which is why I'm nothing short of FLABBERGASTED following last night’s heart-stopping (literally, it was -24 degrees) football game between the Giants of New York and the Packers of Green Bay, as the game’s outcome had, in fact, been predicted nearly 20 years earlier by noneotherthan the Prince of Zamunda himself, Akeem.

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