Sunday, June 29, 2008

Throwback Joint...Return of the Mack

Haha theres no double meaning to this post lol....just a dope ass song still

Nike Air Yeezy Olympic Colorway

The latest color up of the Air Yeezy to surface were made to pay homage to this year’s Olymipics. Snapped at a recent concert, the uppers feature dark navy leather, a gray tounge and a red/white strap. Rumor has it Kanye will wear them at the second round of his Glow in the Dark stops. No good pics of this....whens Nike gonna drop this damn line of shoes, they killin me!!!!!!!!!!

Watch Out Now...Jay-Z American Boy Remix

Kanye Wants You To Vote

Yea they had cue cards for him...haha maybe a good move lol

Dear Nike...

When are we getting our Air McFly's...real talk, Nike is gonna drop em, Ima cop em =]

Total Randomness

I say some random ish from time to time but this takes the cake

I'm Mikey

Was listening to The Cool Kids, old trak but dope song...Mikey Iaffaldano's new theme song lol

Ride In Style With The Icare Concept Motorcycle

Harley Davidson’s may be the staple when it comes to head-turning hogs, but when it comes to next-level design this Icare Concept motorcycle is in a class of its own.
Enzyme Design constructed the futuristic looking mo-mo, and supped-up it up with a 6 cylinder flat engine, 1800 cm3 engine, and a double exhaust pipe. Translation: It rides as good as it looks. There’s no information as to when the design collective plans to mass produce the cycles, but expect them to be extremely low-run, and ridiculously expensive.

DJ AM, Travis Barker, & My Boy Kid Cudi

At a recent live DJ/drummer show in Los Angeles, AM and Travis throw “Day ‘N’ Nite” between “Big Pimpin” and “Stay Fly...props man

Baby Milo X Macbook Air


Chicago...More Gangster Than Your City! Real Talk

Looks like we’ve got ourselves an old fashioned ass kicking at yesterday’s Cubs-White Sox game.
A full report from the videographer:
The Sox fan near the pole was talking trash from the beginning, so in the 4th inning he started talking about the guy in the Thome Jersey’s “family”…then an old guy stepped up and off they went…

Santogold Is MTV's Artist Of The Week

I declared her as 1 of my 10 artists to watch in 08 when did that back in Dec of 07...haha I was right, it feels so good, I shall savor the moment

Ahhh victory, it goes down smooth

Brand New Gym Class Hereos

Featuring The Dream-Cookie Jar. I aint gon lie, I like it but Im expecting bigger things than this from the real deal Travis

Jay-Z @ Glastonbury

After all the drama and hype, Jay-Z finally took the stage at the 2008 Glastonbury festival this weekend. Despite what the critics expected, the superstar rapper was a hit. He started his gig with a cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”

The Streets is Talking

New York Skater, Ian Reid, comes out with a second film after his first video, “Ian Reid’s - Sex, Skate, Hood and Videotape”, achieved great buzz and success. This video, “The Streets is Talking”, is a collection of videos again showcasing the world from Ian’s perspective with lots of skateboarding, graffiti, and women. The cast includes Brian Wenning , Stevie Williams, Jamal smith, Tim Johnson, and some drunken hot girls.

Carpe Testes!

Carpe Testes or "Seize the Testicles", is an ad campaign / website that is geared to men's health concerns. Video cracks errr makes me laugh.

Guthrie House

Architects: Felipe Assadi & Francisca Pulido.

Location: Chicureo, Santiago, Chile

Common Feat Pharrell-Announcement

Over the years, Hip- Hop MC’s have evolved from your standard b-boy’s to streetwise lyricists that report on any number of subjects. Common represents the upper echelon of these lyricists in terms of his dedication to the craft, political/social awareness of subject matter, and a clear conscience that his words are being heard and absorbed. The Chicago MC focuses on material that is pertinent to the times and not just concerned with clubs, guns, women, and drugs. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s against the gangster style that so many rappers now endear. On his track “Announcement” Common delivers uplifting Hip- Hop over a laid-back groove. His flow is as good as ever and a guest appearance by Pharrell does not disappoint. Common comes off a little more hard-edged than usual while The Billionaire Boy sounds comfortable executing an excellent second verse. The whole track just has a nice relaxing vibe that’s definitely worth checking out.

Camila Alves

Just because...she's dope

Be Positive 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

Like many, I’m sure I’m not the only one at a crossroads for footwear. Much like I’ve traded in more and more t-shirts for more button-downs, I’ve seen an apparent shift in what sort of footwear really interests me. Don’t get me wrong, but sneakers are still dope and get me excited once in a blue moon, but the new and upcoming trends of mashing up sneakers and more classical designs always have me taking a second look. Be Positive has all the makings of a solid brand, a solid background and a good eye for design seems to have really shown itself in this inaugural collection.

RockNRolla Trailer

From Writer / Director Guy Ritchie ( Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch).

Comme des Garcons X Louis Vuitton

Fans of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton and fashion rebel Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons can expect an extraordinary collaboration coming up. The two will open a joint Tokyo store in September that will last for a period of three months. According to Yves Carcelle, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, the project will be a fine way to celebrate 30 years since the French brand first opened in Tokyo. Carcelle also added that Marc Jacobs, artistic director of Louis Vuitton, admired Comme des Garçons and was an enthusiastic supporter of the idea of a joint venture.

TI-No Matter What Vid

Like my man Kevin said..some are dumb founded by the drums, which really Masta Killah said that but yeah. Danja killed it and glad to see TI come back with some serious ish.

Bape Socksta?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I need these...Bape has recently released this new “Socksta” which looks to be a water sock often worn while kayaking or during other water sports. While I don’t know the exact name of this new item, I can see that it looks to be made for the water. Four colorways are available each retailing at 7,140 Yen.

My New Joint! The Game- Feat Travis Barker-Dope Boys

I already posted this trak but I gotta do it again and show you how Travis does work...too gully

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stack Paper In The Cash Money Clip

In today’s fitted jeans era, bulky pockets are not a good look. So if you’re still rocking with your George Costanza wallet, it might be time to switch to something slimmer like the The Cash Money Clip. Designer Scott Amron created the clever clip by affixing a magnet and two steel plates to a bill, giving you the ability to securely stash your money inside. It’s available in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations, and there’s also a Euro version. And for you limited edition dorks, Amron points out that no two clips are the same: “Each bill has its own unique United States serial number.”

Summer ‘O Sammy Tour Diary

If you dont know who Sammy Bananas is than you know nada...

Online Videos by


No reason for this post really i just love those 2 Kardashian sisters, 3rd sister um you werent invited! I Love Kourtney...

Fashion Tips From My Boys Chromeo

MySpace Presents: The Fit with Chromeo


Def have to agree with their top 5...Im on that SIAM

Throwback Joint...Pete Rock & CL Smooth-Troy

Other than Snoop & Dre and Nas from like 94-96 this is the song that really had me fall in love with hip-hop. I dont care who you are you need to know about Pete Rock...getcha some

Sleeping Beauty-City Lights

Directed by Benjamin Taft. The video pays homage to the Japanese art collective of Pikapika light painting.

Sleeping Beauty - City lights / Music video from Benjamin Taft on Vimeo.

Daft Punk-TV Rules The Nation

Ever since I was 14 I have been a huge fan of daft Punk and obviously A-Trak getting Kanye on the Stronger sample didn't hurt. I have a mix of this joint and Around The World that I often compete in dance offs with myself too...I never win

T Pain Feat Lil Wayne-Cant Believe It

If the rumors about these two doing an album together are true...Im def not mad.


...Nuff Said

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MGMT-Electric Feel

Thanks Lesley for the hook up on this...L Boogs =]

My New Joint! Charles Hamilton-Brookyln Girls

This is the dude I put yas on a little while back...19 year old mc who signed with Star Trak. I have prolly played this trak 100 times in the last 2 weeks. Always subbin Brooklyn with live in Indy man. Had a girl out in B Ripple without boobs behind her nipple, they aint nothin like dem Chicago girls lol. Im just clowing

Joel Ortiz-Hip Hop

With the big arguements between Ice T and Soulja Boy it really had me thinking what is hip-hop? It certainly isnt what it was in the later 90's when I became hooked...Hip Hop represents different things to different people. Take from it what you want! I am really feeling this song and video.

Cause I Can: My Brother & Me

I dont need a daaaamn explanation...Goooooo Punch

Some Bet Awards Performances

Judge them for yourself...I Puuuutttt Onnnnnn

The Game Feat Travis Barkers-Dope Boys

My two fav dudes from the Left Coast, if this is a Barker did the whole beat he is getting gully as hell with it. The mythology of an artist in Hip Hop is just as paramount as their skills on the mic these days. Compton bred; The Game is a prime example of a rapper whose story of gang life, narcotics trafficking, random violence and death became as recognizable as his raspy, hardcore delivery. However, The Game’s story isn’t just some pre packaged media kit in order to grab listeners attracted to gangster posturing and it doesn’t end with the release of his first album. As Games popularity and career skyrocketed so did his real life problems. Game participated in a high profile beef with former ally 50 Cent, which eventually spilled over into street violence, literally thousands of diss songs, and eventually estrangement from his mentor and idol Dr. Dre. Game poured his anger, frustration, confusion and talent into his work and transformed from a rapper with a sketchy past to an artist with passion, skill and a force to be reckoned with. Game came out of his beefs unscathed and arguably the victor. With seemingly renewed vigor Game has been leaking track after track for his upcoming album “L.A.X”. “Dope Boys” is a hardcore west coast anthem punctuated by the drums of Travis Barker.

Versace x Lamborghini LP640

Again I must relay that my birthday is coming up...hmmm. In a partnership of ultra-luxury, Versace and Lamborghini have revisited a partnership which began in 2006 as they create another version of the exclusive LP640. Coming complete with a range of leather goods including bags, gloves, belts and other accessories, the LP640 in itself has also undergone a Versace aesthetic treatment. The engine hood features a transparent hood to showcase the rip snortin’ V12, nappa leather clad seats and a hand-embroidered Versace motif throughout the car. Look for the Versace x Lamborghini LP640 to be available at select dealers and Versace outlets.

Game-Superman Trailer

Just Blaaaaze on the trak...Im actually down with these trailers for hip-hop vids, think its dope.

Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton “Monogramouflage” Collection

More info on the Murakami LV Ish I posted last week. Last summer, the forefront runner in the Japanese pop-art movement, Takashi Murakami exhibited a series of art pieces at the MoCA. The exhibition included a never before seen consumer angle which included a capsule of items created by Murakami in conjunction with Louis Vuitton. New for this season is another updated set of releases between the two powerhouses in their respective fields. The Monogramouflage collection represents an interesting integration of camoflauge into the world of high fashion from its roots as a tool of combat. Items seen here include bags and select accessories which are available now at Louis Vuitton retailers.

New Video From The Real

Music is like sex...its meant to be bought, its not shared. Haha Love that.

Kaikai Kiki by Takashi Murakami x Base Control

One of the best known artists of our times, Takashi Murakami, teamed up with Japan’s clothing manufacturer, Base Control, to design a few t-shirts featuring Kaikai Kiki flower print. The tee comes in black and white, and has a very simple design with Murakami’s signature flower on the left and the BC tag on the sleeve. Kaikai Kiki has also come out with a range of very fun products including a cell phone charm, stuffed animal, and a hair tie. All the products use Murakami’s signature characters including the colorful flower and Kiki. Perfect accessories to compliment your bright summer days. All available now at Cliffedge.

Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma

Last year around this time, the boys from Vampire Weekend took the blogosphere by storm with their brand of infectious afro-pop and indie rock. They simply looked like wide eyed, preppy Columbia University college kids who discovered some Paul Simon and Kanda Bongomen albums and decided to play them. Their African influenced, unpretentious pop sound was refreshing in a genre that seemed to be flooded with guitar feedback noise rock and new electro acts. A year passes and the same Ivy League kids have become the critical darling of major rock magazines, their self titled debut album is hailed as one of the best freshman releases in recent memory and the young men suddenly start looking like full grown rock stars. The new video directed by Rich Oyade for the most Graceland-esque sounding track on the album “Oxford Comma” is shot in one take and looks like a quirky homage to Wes Anderson. Ezra’s yelp, the lightly strummed guitar and the Lil Jon references are all perfect for the summer.

Nike Air Yeezy Tinker Hatfield Edition

There have been many different colorways of the Nike Air Yeezy floating around the internet, and yet another version has surfaced. This time we see a specially customized edition made for renowned Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield. Mark Smith’s design for this edition has its main focus on the Carolina blue strap across the front, showcasing the story of Tinker Hatfields career in symbols.

Pretty Boy Bam Bam

6 years old! Cot damn he'd whoop McGill's ass for sure...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are You Not Entertained??? I Just Love This Clip

Buchanans killed this beat...

J*Davey: Mr. Mister

With eager anticipation and bated breath, fans of L.A. underground favorite J*Davey, have long awaited the wide release of their debut double EP: “the beauty in distortion” and “The Land of The Lost”. Hailed by music heavyweights (Prince, anyone?) and fans alike, J*Davey is a duo comprised of vocalist Miss Jack Davey and producer Brook D’Leau. They’ve recently titillated audiences and the press (New York Times, whut!) during a recent mini-tour, with their hot stage antics and songs from the EP, a blend of electronic-R&B-The Eurythmics meets J Dilla-esque stylings. July 1st marks the big day and should promise some greater visibility to the duo, who’ve been making music together since ‘00. Check the video for their first single, “Mr. Mister” to see them in action.