Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Streets Is Watching...

Anyone who knows me knows Ima pizza dude, I eat like prolly 467 times a week...I hate Domino's but I might have to order one for this alone

Ever since Domino’s did away with their dangerous “30 minutes delivery or the pizza’s free” policy, the game just hasn’t been the same. Well now, they’re taking the delivery world by storm again with their Pizza Tracker system, the first surefire way to know the exact status of your order.
The tracker allows customers to follow the progress of their pies on from the time they hang up the phone to the time their meal is being delivered. Over 3,400 Domino’s Pizza stores are equipped with the big brother type technology that will show customers when their order is being prepped, when it’s out of the oven and when it’s left the Domino’s location. You’ll even get the first name of the person who’s delivering your food, which will allow you to hold he or she accountable if they’re dragging their feet.

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