Friday, February 1, 2008

Brand New 5 For Friday

#5 Jay-Z "Aint I"

DJ Clue bragging this is Blueprint 3 ish but c'mon man this Timbo beat aint his new Euro sound...dope none the less

#4 Estelle Feat Kanye West-American Boy

Estelle is John Legend's 1st artist on his label, pretty sure I was bigging Estelle in 07...songs def dope

#3 Gnarls Barley-Run

Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo bring the heat agin...ish will prolly get deleted since Atlantic ain't feeling the leaks =[

#2 Wale-Waledance

I wanted to throw this on a 5 for Friday since ummm Oct but I couldn't get a good version of it...dude is the truth, out of DC on Mark Ronson's label...Justice-Dance beat

Shuffle in my Icky!

#1 Cool Kids-88
I aint gon lie I was a little behind on these guys...guess they been flickin for like 8-9 months, I didnt hear Black Mags til um Oct and 88 is equally as dope

Bonus-Here's your next jam ladies since Low is getting old. Flo Rida does it again with some help form Timbo

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