Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Broken Halo

If you didnt know, now you know that Ima Angels fan so this makes sense

The concept of Broken Halo was derived from the political history of what was once the Anaheim Angels of Orange County, who are also known as “The Halos”. The baseball team has gone through several name changes in its history, first changing it to the California Angels in 1965. The Disney Company took control in 1997, and extensively renovated the Angel Stadium while stating that both the stadium’s name and the team’s name contain the word “Anaheim” in it- making it known that it was absolutely imperative that everyone knew where the roots and history of the team came from. Hence, the team became known and loved as the Anaheim Angels.
In 2005, new owner Arte Moreno wanted to tap into the Los Angeles media market by changing the Anaheim Angels into the Los Angeles Angels. This obviously didn’t sit very well with the city of Anaheim or the team fanatics. With a standing agreement (Disney’s deal & conditions), the city of Anaheim and Angels fans backed their roots and demanded that “Anaheim” was kept in the team name as well as the stadium name as promised in 1997. Meeting the city’s demands half-way, the team name was changed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The city, the fans and even the Los Angeles Dodgers vehemently disputed the change but the name stood and sadly, still stands today.
There’s nothing more tragic than seeing a legendary entity lose its roots on grounds to gain media and money. The Angels sold their soul to the Devil. They are the fallen angels; the Broken Halos.
Triumvir is telling that story with the Broken Halos Spring 2008 release, which consists of both t-shirts and a fitted cap collaboration with Estate LA.

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