Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creep On The Down Low?

Now here’s a gadget that’s fitting for concerned parents, motivated stalkers, and suspicious lovers alike—so beware if you’re messing around guys. The Cell Phone Sim Card Spy is the a device that offers a quick and easy way to snoop through someone’s cell phone. All you have to do it sneakily pop out the SIM card of target cell phone, plug it into the USB reader, and then hook it up to a computer. All the information is downloaded and saved for you to parse through at will. Sift through SMS text messages—including deleted ones—and address book details undetected—assuming you can remove and replace the SIM card without being caught. Of course, there are less nefarious uses for this device like storing and recovering lost data, but somehow we doubt that’s what people will use it for. Consequently, the makers of this mobile espionage do offer another method if you don’t want to shell out the $149 this thing costs, “Take the SIM card and crush it or cut it up with a wire cutter. That’s the only way to guarantee it’s gone.” And that’s free.

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