Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kanye West-Flashing Lights Video Part 3?

Let's have small recap here just to see if you're keeping up (yes students there will be a test on this later). Kanye West drops his highly anticipated third album "Graduation" amidst an ingenious giant marketing campaign pitting him against 50 cent. Kanye walks away victorious in the record sales race and his new album is highly praised by critics as a successful mesh of infectious pop, soul full hip hop and a healthy dose of electro. One of the standout tracks on the album is "Flashing Lights". The song combines soft melody with hard electronic kicks and snares as Kanye cryptically raps about the pitfalls of materialism and the trappings of fame. Because this was obviously going to be a surefire single, almost immediately fans began to discuss what they think the video will look like down to the director he may choose.

However, when the Spike Jonze directed video was released in all of its lingerie clad, Rita G slow motion glory (thank you Spike) the short clip baffled some fans and was lauded by others as a masterpiece. Version 2 of the video leaked on the internet about a week ago and was much more literal then the first version. The video showed another model obviously deeply intertwined in the night life and the danger and tragedy that can come from it. Just a few days ago, yet another version of the video was leaked on the internet and seems to be frustrating and delighting fans equally. This version seems to have no connection with the other two videos and appears to be a cinematic cross between a horror film and high fashion couture add. As far as storyline goes, it's hard to make rhyme or reason of it but I don't mind watching again and again.

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