Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tip Of The Week: A Memorial Day Survival Pack

Every holiday weekend, the image of the red-eyed travelers stuck in airports scare us into preparing for the worst. Still, no matter how hard we try, there’s always a few snags, especially during the Memorial Day weekend rush. With that in mind, here are five essentials to at least keep you looking cool before and even after you touchdown for some yams at your Auntie’s house.
Reiss Nylon Leather Tote Bag Ditch the clunky backpack for a simpler carry-all that makes for a better pillow.[Reiss Store]

Muska ShadesWhite sunglasses for you sons of beaches. ’Nuff said.[Karmaloop]

10 Deep Sub Rosa Zip Hoodie When it rains, don’t be the dude in the over-sized poncho. Go for the light-weight waterproof jacket that compacts into the pocket.[Turntablelab]

American Apparel ScarfRed is the color for the Severe Terror Alert. Keep your wrap subtle.[American Apparel]

iPod LEGO Speaker DockYou can’t get mad at LEGOs, no matter how loud you crank dat.[Flight 001]

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