Saturday, May 31, 2008

Zippo of Japan x FUCT

In a story that reflects on the unconventional canvas the Zippo lighter became during the Vietnam war, FUCT has created their own design in line with symbolism a Zippo represented for soldiers in the war. Zippos quickly became a method for soldiers to express their thoughts and solidarity as many would engrave names, battalions and other random thoughts on the metal cases. Soldiers would develop strong bonds with their Zippos to the extent that enemy soldiers would rig up explosive Zippos to be left randomly at areas popular with American soldiers in hopes they would be picked up and ultimately resulting in an untimely death. Unlike the American style Zippos, the Japanese line features a much different process which achieves a different visual and in the case of the FUCT collabo, a Zippo which appears to have weathered a storm of many hard fought battles.

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