Thursday, November 1, 2007

Its Baaaacck

5 for Friday...act like I never told ya! Some joints to get the drinks flowin, party poppin, or just something to vibe out to...Yezzir

#5 50 Cent Feat Lil Kim-Wanna Lick (Magic Stick Pt 2)
This is rumored to be the 1st single off the new G-Unit album out this corny but I wont front its not a bad party jam. Big Ups to Greg for lookin out on this

#4 Fat Joe Feat Lil Wayne-Crackhouse
The drums are bangin Lil Wayne...Make It Rain ummm Pacman Jones Part 2

#3 Cassidy Feat Kanye West, Ne-yo, & Swizz Beats-Drink & My 2 Step Remix
Reeemix...Swizz killed the beat and the hook kills, grab your patron some chicas and its over

#2 Ryan Leslie-Diamond Girl
R selection. This the guy behind all of Cassie's beats and lyrics...dude is a genius. This is a mad 80's beat and although I think he's kind of weak artist himself this joint is def on point

#1 Jay-Z-Roc Boys (Kanye on the adlib) & Success Feat Nas
I have never done 2 jams at #1 but these 2 joints are so fawwwkin raw. 1st Roc Boys i have been jamming non stop for the last 3 weeks. The Hitmen on the beat (Puffy's production team) who have been MIA for a couple years now came hard with this 70's sounding joint with the crazy horns. Yeezy can I get an ad-lip...we in da how how how just tops it off.
Joint #2 is Success featuring Nas. But Jay & Nas are early on this one, listen close. NO ID on the beat who is Kanye's mentor straight from the Chi. Def has a PSA kinda feel to it, would thought Just originally did it. American Gangster start to finish is nice but still not Jay's best work, like where he takes it with this one, Im not mad at it but its not eghck!

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