Thursday, November 8, 2007


In one year we choose a new leader of the free world...our generation has to step up and show and prove. I myself am not political by any means. I try and follow things enough that I am not ignorant to issues or events, but by no means am I mad knowledgeable. I personally am for Giuliani due to his strong stance on re-vamping our judicial system and in my opinion he is a man who has proven himself in times of crisis. I also saw Obama speak in 05 in Mt Carroll, Illinois and he is a very intelligent young man and would make a great president but just not yet...I do agree with his stance on Iraq and immigration. It is just improtant we all get involved and we all vote. I had a tool that allowed you to click on issues that were important to you etc but I lost it, if I find it again I'll post the link


Heres the link for the tool

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