Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its That 5 For Friday...

#5 The Cool Kids-Black Mags
Chicago...Yezzir. This song is gully, had it on repeat non stop all week.

#4 Outkast-The Art of Storytellin Part 4
Seriously Big Boi kills every verse he is on...more on that at the end of the month...the beat is crazy and the ish is just on point. Just a solid ass trak.

#3 Trina Feat Missy Elliot-I Got A Bottle
Ok I am not a huge Trina fan by anymeans but I love the beat...just love the beat it's different than anything I have heard in a minute

#2 Wyclef Feat Paul Simon-Fast Car
This is the kinda Clef shit I wanna hear, that Gone til Nov style...Sweetest Girl is major and this song has actually been playin in my car the last month or so and I felt it deserved a top spot...The Carinval II is very legit

#1 Chester French-She Loves Everybody
What do you get when you have a kid from out east and Milwaukee they meet at Harvard and Pharrell gives them a deal? Chester of my new fav bands? Um whatever they are this trak is sooooo nuuutsss.

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