Monday, March 31, 2008

Ato Matsumoto 2008 Spring/Summer Footwear Collection

Since the 2007 Summer Jam everybody was getting their panties in a knot over what the deal was. Since then, the chunky velcro'd sneaker has seen a few renditions come and go. The latest colorways feature a metallic silver colorway as well as previous styles including cowhide leather with patent in both white and black. At a price of ¥30,450 JPY (approximately $306 USD), the price if you have a Japanese hook-up is respectable for what some consider a high end fashion sneaker. Available now for pre-order at Rowgage...I copped a pair in the fall but Ima 12 biggest they go is an 11 and they def fit like an 11. I need a 12!

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