Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yo! MTV Raps Is Back

Ever since Yo! MTV Raps was cancelled 20 years ago rap fans have been keeping their fingers crossed in hope of the return of the first real tv show to bring hip-hop to a mainstream audience. This April, their wish is granted as MTV will re-air the classic episodes hosted by Dr. Dre and Ed Lover, featuring Fab 5 Freddy to commemorate the show’s anniversary. While the re-runs plan to satisfy old-school rap lovers, this should be a wake up call to the network’s execs that hip-hop (or their videos) isn’t dead, and that they could very-well resurrect the show showcasing the talented new generation.
Meth-Ticaaaaaal Kills His Verse, Damn Method Man, Bring It Back. Yo Hammertime aka Redman waddup?

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