Friday, March 28, 2008

Its Friday...Take A Guess

Jumpoff Jumpoff...too lazy to upload em myself on divshare so u get crappy utube versions, I know, I know

#5 Flo-Rida Feat Lil Wayne-American Superstar
The beat is cold and the flows are anemic...seriously this song is def dope, Flo-Rida has 4 strong singles on his album, rest is garabage but he's gonna def have club bangers well into Labor Day

#4 Nelly Feat Fergie-Party People
Polow Da Don...damn man I mean 07 he had a big year but he is killing some beats in 08 again, has teh 31 song with Ursher's joint and this could def blaze radio as well. Nelly needs to come back with some of that Country Grammar swag, def a good start

#3 Outkast Feat Raekwon-Royal Flush
Skew It On The BBQ Unofficially Part 2? Hahhaha! Alright, seriously yo Outkast kills it when they want to, this song is nuts and iot's nice to see The Chef bring back the 36 Chamberz flow, I have been burnign this all week. Not your club joint but this aint my top 5 shake your asses joints, ya dig? Seriously who's f'n with Andre 3000?

#2 The Game-Big Dreams
The beat is so raw, Cool N Dre thats whats up...The Game gets out of jail and slays it in like 3 days, have a feeling the new album is gonna be legit. By the way this isnt an official vid, something some dude did, kinda cool

#1 N.E.R.D-Spazz
Shot Live in CDQ leak of this joint yet, this show was less than a week after the 1 I saw. This song was nuts, so much energy and the production is crazy. I believe it would have to be the 2nd single off their new cd. Its just crazy, so appropriate

There you have it kids, enjoy the NCAA Tourney this weekend, drink a Mickey's 40, sip that lean do what ya gotta do

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