Thursday, March 13, 2008

Throw Back Thursday...

Couple of traks got a lot of burn this week on my i-pod, couldnt choose just 1...

Cool Breeze-Watch For The Hook
Dude from ATL...this song was nuts, didn't get enough credit when it dropped in 99. Back with Andre 3000 was killing it but Big Boi's guest verse was the dopest

De La Soul-Oooh
This track kicked off the summer of 2000 and you gotta love the Dave Chappelle cameo before 90% of the world knew who he was...

Ja Rule-Down 4 U
Irv Gotti used to come up with some crazy beats...Ima admit I thought all of Ja's crooning tracks were pretty nice from like 2000-02 and yeah G-Unit def murked him out the game but I still like throwing this on, mad catchy

Talib Kweli-Waiting For The DJ
2002...feel good track, this song and Lucy Pearl's "Dance Tonight" always put me in a house party mood.

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