Sunday, June 22, 2008

J*Davey: Mr. Mister

With eager anticipation and bated breath, fans of L.A. underground favorite J*Davey, have long awaited the wide release of their debut double EP: “the beauty in distortion” and “The Land of The Lost”. Hailed by music heavyweights (Prince, anyone?) and fans alike, J*Davey is a duo comprised of vocalist Miss Jack Davey and producer Brook D’Leau. They’ve recently titillated audiences and the press (New York Times, whut!) during a recent mini-tour, with their hot stage antics and songs from the EP, a blend of electronic-R&B-The Eurythmics meets J Dilla-esque stylings. July 1st marks the big day and should promise some greater visibility to the duo, who’ve been making music together since ‘00. Check the video for their first single, “Mr. Mister” to see them in action.

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