Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nookanooka Watch Mascot Keeps Time

Last year in the pages of Complex, Kanye West gave the co-sign to forward-thinking watch brand Nooka by rocking one of their bright orange creations in his “Beatdowns” portrait. Well now the company is giving watch junkies like ’Ye a spot to store their collection with the release of their vinyl mascot Nookanooka. Started by designer Matthew Waldman in 1999, Nooka is known for their futuristic watches that use linear and graphic representations of time, rather than the traditional clock or number-based designs. The Nookanooka is currently only available in black for $70, but it will be released in new colors like glow-in-the-dark in the coming months. See all the colors (sans watches) after the jump. Perfect gift for someone like my boy Andrew Valko.

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Raul Ray said...

Watches are great gift, but these are so beautiful that I will get them for me only. I also got a cool watch recently from Watch Orbit.