Sunday, June 29, 2008

Common Feat Pharrell-Announcement

Over the years, Hip- Hop MC’s have evolved from your standard b-boy’s to streetwise lyricists that report on any number of subjects. Common represents the upper echelon of these lyricists in terms of his dedication to the craft, political/social awareness of subject matter, and a clear conscience that his words are being heard and absorbed. The Chicago MC focuses on material that is pertinent to the times and not just concerned with clubs, guns, women, and drugs. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s against the gangster style that so many rappers now endear. On his track “Announcement” Common delivers uplifting Hip- Hop over a laid-back groove. His flow is as good as ever and a guest appearance by Pharrell does not disappoint. Common comes off a little more hard-edged than usual while The Billionaire Boy sounds comfortable executing an excellent second verse. The whole track just has a nice relaxing vibe that’s definitely worth checking out.

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