Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coen Brothers Expose The C.I.A. In ‘Burn After Reading’

After last year’s No Country For Old Men, I was starting to worry that the Coen Brothers might have lost their sense of humor. Well, I'm happy to report their their new flick Burn After Reading looks like it might return to the dark comedy flavor of Coen favorites like The Big Lebowski or Raising Arizona. The film centers around a CIA agent played by John Malkovich who decides to write a tell-all memoir exposing government secrets. A CD of his sensitive documents fall into the hands of a gym employee (played by Brad Pitt), who tries to use it for blackmail fodder to pay for his wife’s plastic surgery. The government then sends George Clooney to put a lid on the whole sitiuation. The flick will debut at the Venice Film Festival in August and then in theaters on September 12

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