Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clipse-The Fast Life

Following the release of their critical success, but ultimately commercial failure, Hell Hath No Fury, The Clipse have reconsidered the direction of their music. They sounded flawless over Pharrell’s spaced out beats, but the unorthodox nature of the album’s sound was not received well by the masses. So, in a move that many people might scoff at, The Clipse have been working with Scott Storch on the latest Re-Up Gang record. No one can deny Scott’s ability to produce bona-fide hits, but you have to wonder if his in your face style can translate to The Clipes’ understated flow. Well, wonder no more because “Fast Life” has been leaked and it’s apparently the lead single off the forthcoming Re-Up Gang record. The track starts out with epic swirling synths that drop into a catchy hand clap beat. Malice and Pusha T do damage and seem comfortable on the clean sounding production. Maybe The Clipse were always built for the big times, but only time will tell. The Re-Up gang will be releasing their LP some time this year, stay tuned for more leaks

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