Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vampire Weekend: Oxford Comma

Last year around this time, the boys from Vampire Weekend took the blogosphere by storm with their brand of infectious afro-pop and indie rock. They simply looked like wide eyed, preppy Columbia University college kids who discovered some Paul Simon and Kanda Bongomen albums and decided to play them. Their African influenced, unpretentious pop sound was refreshing in a genre that seemed to be flooded with guitar feedback noise rock and new electro acts. A year passes and the same Ivy League kids have become the critical darling of major rock magazines, their self titled debut album is hailed as one of the best freshman releases in recent memory and the young men suddenly start looking like full grown rock stars. The new video directed by Rich Oyade for the most Graceland-esque sounding track on the album “Oxford Comma” is shot in one take and looks like a quirky homage to Wes Anderson. Ezra’s yelp, the lightly strummed guitar and the Lil Jon references are all perfect for the summer.

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