Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Game Feat Travis Barkers-Dope Boys

My two fav dudes from the Left Coast, if this is a Barker did the whole beat he is getting gully as hell with it. The mythology of an artist in Hip Hop is just as paramount as their skills on the mic these days. Compton bred; The Game is a prime example of a rapper whose story of gang life, narcotics trafficking, random violence and death became as recognizable as his raspy, hardcore delivery. However, The Game’s story isn’t just some pre packaged media kit in order to grab listeners attracted to gangster posturing and it doesn’t end with the release of his first album. As Games popularity and career skyrocketed so did his real life problems. Game participated in a high profile beef with former ally 50 Cent, which eventually spilled over into street violence, literally thousands of diss songs, and eventually estrangement from his mentor and idol Dr. Dre. Game poured his anger, frustration, confusion and talent into his work and transformed from a rapper with a sketchy past to an artist with passion, skill and a force to be reckoned with. Game came out of his beefs unscathed and arguably the victor. With seemingly renewed vigor Game has been leaking track after track for his upcoming album “L.A.X”. “Dope Boys” is a hardcore west coast anthem punctuated by the drums of Travis Barker.

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