Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Million Here A Million There!!! Congrats Lil Wayne

New Orleans MC and codeine enthusiast, Lil Wayne has sold over a million copies (1,005,545 to be exact) of his highly anticipated album “The Carter III” in only one week. The difficult feat, especially in the current download age, puts Wayne in the company of an elite few and solidifies his status as the most popular MC alive. The news should come to no surprise to anyone who has kept up with Wayne’s progress, his relentless worth ethic, the constant presence on the mix tape circuit and his penchant for taking other rappers beats and completely making them his own. Many other MCs (Jay-z, Fabolous, LL Cool J, Gillie, Corey Gunz etc…) have done just that with the beat for Wayne’s street single “A Millie”. Wayne snatches the beat back and reclaims it as his own as he uses it as a platform to thank his fans for going out to buy his album. The driving minimalist beat lays down the perfect canvas for Wayne to drop his schizophrenic intoxicated flow over.

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