Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Orba Squara: Gravel

At some point the evil geniuses over at Apple decided that the best soundtrack for their high tech gadget pornography was happy reassuring folk indie rock. Maybe this was done to balance out the feeling of a cold computer age with visuals of science fiction devices with very human organic music. In any case the plan worked to perfection as I-phones, I-touches, I-books and I-anything else flew off the shelves as soon as they stocked them. The commercials also served as an excellent marketing tool for the musicians on the commercials. Soon the indie darlings featured in the adds where getting googled and downloaded like crazy and enjoyed by more people than the hipster sipping lattes in the independent coffee shop.

One of said artists is indie folk singer songwriter Orba Squara whose song "Perfect Timing (This Morning)" was heavily featured in the early I-phone commercials making the song practically synonymous with the product and instantly recognizable. Orba's brand of organic rock replacing tuned down guitars, driving bass and hard snares and kicks with violin, accordion and toy pianos give his music a dramatic baroque pop feel with a whispery lyrical delivery. The sonic landscape of the tracks paint dream induced pictures of fairy tale sequences dressed in pastel. His latest video and single "Gravel" from his album "Sunshyness" is another foray into softly plucked acoustic guitar lucid fantasy rock with a surreal video to match. If Apple ever considered going into the atomic bomb business, as long as they played something this good for the accompanying add, we may consider purchasing it.

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